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We want to get to know you. Your goals, your lifestyle, your schedule, your budget, everything.
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Honest conversations—finding out what is most important to you and explaining clearly what you can expect from us—is where it all starts. We’ll go on this journey together in making your dream home a reality.                                           

01. Importance of Planning

Successful construction projects require thorough planning. Rushing into a project without detailed planning often leads to problems and delays. While pre-construction can be a significant expense, the benefit of collaboratively planning and sequencing a project on paper is priceless for the overall build. The cost of pre-construction is based on the time invested.                

02. Design and Construction

The pre-construction phase involves developing the project from both a design and construction perspective. The construction team acts as consultants, working alongside architects and clients to establish budgets, pricing, and schedules.

03. Accuracy Through Information

Gathering comprehensive information upfront leads to more accurate cost estimates and timelines. Lack of information results in assumptions and allowances, which can significantly impact the budget and create frustrations during construction.

04. Benefits of Pre-Construction

Working together closely through pre-construction allows for a better understanding of the project and facilitates accurate communication with clients. It enables the construction team to provide a clear picture of what it will take to build the project.                            

05. Proactive vs. Reactive Approach

Pre-construction offers the opportunity to be proactive in evaluating materials, systems, and alternative options. In contrast, making decisions during the construction phase becomes reactive and limits the time available for study and optimization.

06. Confidence in Budget Adherence

The pre-construction process builds confidence in the established budget, with transparency between all team members. With careful planning and value engineering, the project can be executed within the set budget, reducing the need for a large contingency.                           

07. Cost Efficiency

Investing in pre-construction is worthwhile to avoid budget overruns, schedule delays, and inefficiencies. It provides a structured approach and mitigates risks associated with inadequate planning.

In summary, the pre-construction phase is crucial for establishing alignment, conducting thorough planning, and ensuring efficient project execution within the defined budget and timeline. By investing in pre-construction, clients can expect greater confidence in cost control and a more successful construction process overall.                      


We love to create from scratch. With the ability to build from the ground up, we can truly push the boundaries of what is possible. When we build your forever home, we are focused on crafting a lifetime of moments. These are the moments that matter.
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01. Next Steps

Once the pre-construction phase is complete, we transition to the construction phase. Our dedicated Project Manager becomes your main point of contact, working alongside our boots-on-the-ground Site Superintendent. Together, they orchestrate all construction activities. They work closely with our team of craftspeople and trusted trade partners to ensure that the work is done with the highest quality standards, within the established schedule and budget.

02. Partners

We hold our trade partners accountable to maintain quality and pricing. Clear scope definition, thorough subcontractor agreements, and regular site inspections ensure that our high standards are met consistently. Our Site Superintendent oversees on-site production and quality control, ensuring that the work progresses smoothly and according to plan. With a strong network of trusted suppliers and subcontractors, we ensure that your project benefits from the expertise and reliability of our A-Team.

Our partnership with Materia Millwork offers a range of valuable benefits to our clients. As an in-house millwork provider, Materia Millwork ensures seamless coordination and integration of custom millwork elements into our projects. This close collaboration allows for greater control over quality, craftsmanship, and timelines, resulting in exceptional outcomes. Materia Millwork’s expertise and attention to detail guarantee the precise execution of intricate designs and the use of premium materials. With their extensive capabilities and commitment to excellence, our clients can expect stunning, tailor-made millwork solutions that elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of their spaces.

03. Communication

Communication remains our top priority throughout the construction process. We use Procore, an industry leading cloud based project management software, that is the hub for all project documentation. It can be tailored to distribute as much or as little information that you’d like to receive about your project.

At a minimum, it is standard for your project team to provide you with:
• A daily log with photos and a summary of that days’ work
• A progress walk through video distributed every Friday afternoon
• Bi-weekly primary schedule update
• A weekly 3-week look ahead of the scheduled site activities
• Weekly or bi-weekly project meetings with all stakeholders manged and documented by your project manager

We believe that this regular cadence of project information ensures transparency and empowers you to feel in control of your project.

04. Safety

Safety is paramount in our construction process. We implement strict safety protocols, ensuring a safe working environment for everyone involved. Our team is trained to follow all safety regulations,  and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents or disruptions to the project. Each project has a site Safety Manager who works with our trade partners to ensure each task is executed safely. This minimizes disruptions, and prevents accidents. Our team’s proactive approach ensures efficiency, reduces delays, and establishes a long-term commitment to safety.


NS Builders Home Care provides a lifetime maintenance plan fitted just for your project. With no added effort for the homeowner, you will have a calendar and contact for all future planned and potential maintenance needs. Keeping up with maintenance is crucial to retaining the aesthetic, functionality, and value for generations. Our projects come with a standard warranty on all workmanship.
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01. Protecting Your Asset

With our Home Care Program, we understand that a homeowner’s most valuable asset is their home. Through our tried and tested process, we provide an enjoyable and easy warranty and maintenance experience, ensuring the protection of both the homeowner’s asset and our brand. By offering this program, we address any potential issues, protect our reputation as builders, and safeguard future sales while giving homeowners peace of mind.

02. Warranty and Maintenance

Transitioning from project completion to the warranty phase can be challenging for many builders. However, with Home Care, we ensure a seamless and simplified process for homeowners. Slow response times and complicated warranty claim procedures are eliminated, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. By addressing warranty work promptly and efficiently, we prevent issues from escalating, minimize finger-pointing, and avoid potential construction defect lawsuits.

03. Comprehensive Home Health Report

By utilizing Home Care technologies, our clients receive a comprehensive Home Health Report that tracks the completion of required maintenance tasks, warranty claims, and work activities specific to their home. This detailed report not only strengthens our brand recognition but also provides homeowners with valuable insights into the maintenance history of their property. With a branded homeowner portal and tailored reporting, we ensure transparency, enhance customer satisfaction, and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

04. Long-Term Value Enhancement

Through our Home Care Program, homeowners increase the value of their property by properly maintaining it over time. By adhering to regular maintenance schedules, homeowners can expect to receive top dollar for their home compared to others on the market. Our comprehensive home maintenance report sets us apart from competitors and showcases our commitment to long-term value and asset preservation.

05. Building Trust

Even after the standard warranty period ends, our Home Care Program allows us to keep our customers happy and build long-term trust. By offering a higher standard of custom care, we demonstrate our commitment to homeowners’ satisfaction and their ongoing maintenance needs. By providing tools to keep their homes in pristine condition and protecting their valuable asset, we strengthen our brand and position ourselves as a builder of choice.

Overall, our Home Care Program ensures that homeowners receive exceptional post-construction support and maintenance services. By offering streamlined processes, comprehensive reporting, and long-term value enhancement, we establish ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for homeowners, delivering long-lasting satisfaction and peace of mind.

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