January 5, 2023

Why We Built a Mock-Up of the Roof

In this episode of Site Visit with NS Builders, I take you back to Needham and show you a detailed mock-up of the roof. I’ll explain the value of building a mock-up and who pays for it.


NS Builders has built a killer reputation by listening to our clients, finding out what matters most to them, understanding their aesthetic leanings, and then doing everything within our power to make their dreams a reality. And although it took some extra time, we built a substantial mock-up to give the homeowner a close-up view of the future roof. We have about four different roof samples that we’ll install on the mock-up so the homeowner can see, touch, feel and ultimately make a decision based on what it actually looks like rather than a rendering. The mock-up piece is getting the full-treatment—drip edge, a really cool plumb-cut rafter detail, trim, as well as side wall detailing with cedar shingles and vertical shiplap. And we’ll even go as far as painting it to see the true color. 


So who pays for the mock-up? On this particular project, we didn’t discuss including this in our proposal. So it’s a bit of an investment on our end. However, it’s a great opportunity to use our summer intern—he’s getting a lot of experience on multiple aspects in a short amount of time. Also, we’re using scrap material where we can to build the mock-up. And mock-ups are truly worthwhile—whether you’re charging your client or funding it yourself, it benefits everyone. The client gets to see what they’re paying for—and may end up opting for a more expensive product, which ultimately nets you a better result and you can promote the upgraded product. 

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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