December 1, 2022

When Swooping Roofs Throw You a Curveball

In this episode of Site Visit with NS Builders, I take you back to Needham and check in with Mike—trusses are up, sheathing is steadily progressing, and it’s starting to look like a house! An incredibly cool house!


We’re using both kiln dried (KD) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for the wall construction. So why the two types?  

One of the main reasons has to do with interior finishes. For example, we’ve got a huge wall—18 ft tall—and it’s all LVL. This wall will be plastered, so we want to ensure we get it as flat as possible. Some of the other walls, for example, in the office, will have paneling and a ton of millwork, so we went with the KD. We use the engineered stuff where it really matters when it comes to the interior finishes and achieving super flat walls—making the painter’s life easier.  


There’s a need to be adaptable when working in the field. We have the plans and know what we want to do, but then something throws us a curveball—for example, the handful of swooping roofs on this home. As we start folding all of these roof lines together, we have to think about properly ventilating the air up through the roof. The swoop design adds some level of difficulty in trying to insulate and ventilate. 

Sometimes the best solution hits you when you’re actually working on-site, building, and observing how all the different aspects are coming together. Therefore, we must be willing to adapt, tweak the design, or change direction altogether depending upon the need. And for us, that means getting input from SIGA and ROCKWOOL, the entire design team, and even structural engineering. Everyone can think about how best to handle the trickier aspects of this roof and then offer their input. With all that combined expertise and experience, that “Aha!” moment is sure to come.  

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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