October 23, 2017

South End Garden Level Renovation

This basement condo renovation is located in Boston's iconic South End, a neighborhood known for its brick townhomes. As we progress forward we are consistent with our craftsmanship and thoughtfulness throughout construction. Check out this episode to find out more.

The existing entry of this unit was impaired by large and outdated electrical equipment. Kuhlman Electric was able to not only reduce the overall impact with new equipment but also made the service (which fed all five units) much safer to service in the future. Mike Hume talks about his plans to close up the new equipment as they prepare for plaster.

The HVAC system was less than desirable; air-conditioning was non-existant and old electric baseboard heaters tempered the unit in the winter. We upgraded to a heat pump system for both heating and cooling. Mitsubishi wall-mounted MSZ-FH12NA head units and MXZ-3C24NA2 outdoor unit. Design and install by East Coast Comfort

We also check in with our painter, Sam from Big Dog Painting, who's getting the unit primed and painted. We start with an oil-based primer to help lock the surface in preparation for our Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace white walls and ceilings. Why oil based? It has to do with our wallboard choice here in Massachusetts.


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