November 29, 2021

Sort of Hiding A Door

I head back to Cambridge and show you where the 18-foot-long cabinet is going in the loft office space, as well as reveal what’s behind the hidden door in the staircase.


Working from home in this stellar office loft isn’t going to feel like work! The steel brackets have been mounted to the studs and will support a cool floating desk along the wall. And along the half wall overlooking the open space below is where we are installing the custom 18-foot cabinet that Ken has been working on (be sure to check out that episode of Revealed). In addition to the tremendous amount of organizational space this huge cabinet affords, the top will combine function, style, and design to meet the needs of our homeowner. We’re building a tray on top of the cabinet which will house a sheet metal pan—perfect for the plants he wants to put on top. The pan will capture any moisture or water from the plant pots.

Just another example of how NS Builders focuses on really listening to our clients—and then designing, constructing, and finishing with a clear purpose.


Built into the staircase is a hidden door—a combo core door of a plywood middle section with MDF face on either side, which is ideal for paint grade. The staircase will be plastered and the door will get painted to match the plaster perfectly. We’ll likely use a push latch so the door will bump open, revealing additional storage as well as the radiant manifold we wanted to hide.

Plentiful storage upstairs and extra storage hidden under the stairs—what more could you ask for?

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally craft for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen.

—Nick Schiffer


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