March 29, 2022

Should a Designer Pick the Finishes for Your Home?

In this episode of NS Builders Podcast, I’m going to address a question that comes up quite often from homeowners: Who should select your new home’s finishes? You? Or a designer? And does it matter? I can honestly answer this question both ways—you don’t need a designer to pick out the finishes for you… but you may end up wishing you did. Let me explain.


It’s your home—you have the right to choose the finishes.  

That being said, I think you do need at least the mindset of a designer or someone with design experience to guide you in making the best selections. All of our projects have an architect and an interior designer on board. These are experts in their respective fields and have years of experience to draw upon. We find working with a designer to be extremely beneficial.  

But, if you give up all the decision-making on choosing the finishes, you’ll lose out on an opportunity to explore your creative side, define your style aesthetic, and put your individual mark on your home. Who doesn’t love discovering materials and finishes on Pinterest or social media or flipping through a design magazine? Maybe even a friend’s home? Finishes are powerful—they can completely alter a room’s vibe.     

The key is in knowing how to harness that power. After all, you’ll be staring at these finishes for years to come. It’s crucial to choose wisely.

So, in some cases, you may want to have a designer lead the way. 


A designer is thoroughly immersed in the industry and can provide sound guidance. They can make the decision-making process run smoothly and efficiently. In my own experience, if I walk into the tile store, I’m immediately overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tiles to choose from. Where do I even start? Is this particular product worth the extra money? What type, texture, size, and material will work best in the kitchen? Bathroom? Mudroom?

This is where the real-life experience that a designer brings to the project can really help. They understand the materials. They’ve seen the end result of many of these products and whether or not they were challenging to work with. They spend hours researching product lines. And they keep up to date with evolving trends and unique ways of showcasing the finishes. This is what they do every day. So handing over the reins to a designer to choose your home’s finishes can make a lot of sense.   


The finishes add up to considerable cost. You want to make sure that you’re spending that money wisely. And that you’re going to love those finishes going forward. At NS Builders, we do everything we can to help you make decisions that will do just that and minimize regrets. And we achieve this by partnering with talented designers and architects—positioning ourselves and our clients for success. Our goal is the same as yours: To build a truly thoughtful and beautiful home.  

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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