August 27, 2021

Set Yourself Up for Success

I share some tips for ensuring success on a project—success not only for your crew but subs in the mechanical trades working alongside you. Follow these simple steps and save yourself a ton of frustration and unanticipated expense.


On this site visit, we head back to our Cambridge project where HVAC is just about wrapped up. The HVAC detailed layout is going to offer better performance—and equally important—be aesthetically pleasing. The three air handlers are now installed, and despite the super tight areas to work in, the ductwork was laid out in a way that allows for the units to be serviceable. Brian has been on-site meticulously following the renderings and laying out the HVAC locations—return, supply, and

dimensions—to ensure we follow the architect’s plans. And this sort of prep work—the attention to detail, taking the time to post copies of the renderings in the corresponding places, the effort to make it simple for everyone on-site to see precisely what is going where—is the formula for success. Plan ahead, discuss which trades need to access which areas, lay it out and frame intentionally. You’ll make it easier for everyone involved to do their job. Remove the need for guesswork, and you’ll remove the need for ripping out a section of wall that someone needs access to.  


Mike and Brian have been busy labeling all the walls—1/2” plywood, 5/8” finished plaster, where a built-in bookcase is going, electrical and mechanical routes, etc. Next, we’ll pull the fiberglass insulation out (we left it in for construction to help with sound), and then we will laser scan the entire space to make sure we have complete documentation of where everything is going. Once those dimensions and allowances are finalized, it will be time to reinsulate and reboard. Sure, it takes a few extra steps and hours, but the prep work before we hang board is critical to our ultimate success on every project.

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally craft for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen.

—Nick Schiffer


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