June 30, 2022

Sedge Helps Me Unwrap Gifts from Festool 

This episode of Site Visit with NS Builders is a fun day of unboxing and unwrapping gifts—my favorite gifts… new tools! And it gets ever better when Sedge from Festool visits the shop.


I got two packages in the mail this week—and I patiently waited to open these treasure boxes until Sedge could join me (well… I might have peeked… okay, I peeked).

Package number one revealed a new Festool Quadrive TPC 18/4—a powerful and versatile concrete cordless 18-volt drill. Drill into wood, metal, masonry, and concrete—this hammer drill does it all. And as I pawed through the box, my eyes literally lit up as I realized it came with multiple attachments and chucks. Sedge demonstrated the various features of the Quadrive TPC—the brushless, long-lasting EC-TEC motor for maximum performance, four gears for every working situation, the FastFix interface quick conversion, depth stop for screwdriving close to edges, the ease of a cordless system, and the 18-volt high power lithium battery pack. I also love that it fits my hand perfectly due to its precise handle ergonomics and short design. And the electronic Kickbackstop function reduces excess twisting of the wrist when using. 

Without a doubt, Festool has done it again—high-speed, precise, comfortable, easy to use, enhanced safety features, and an unrivaled range of applications.    


Sedge said it best when we opened the second box: “It’s Christmas in March.” And he was right.

My second gift was the Festool TS 55 F—a plunge cut track saw and the exceptional accessories kit. Sedge pointed out the thinner, 42-tooth blade to guarantee perfect cutting quality and performance. In addition, the speed of cutting is now twice as fast, and this top-class sawing system results in 25% less dust and the blades stay sharp up to 40% longer. 

We’ve used Festool since starting NS Builders and I’m never disappointed. We’re on the same page—always striving to improve and be great at what we do. And guys like Sedge—who know these products inside and out—are always happy to share their expertise and tips. And when you combine skill with the right tool, the workday is so much easier.   

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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