June 2, 2022

NS Builders Management Style

In this episode of NS Podcast, I’m sharing the fundamentals of our management style at NS Builders. As the company has evolved, our management structure has changed too—specifically how we manage and supervise our projects. Let’s get started.


Kids grow up so fast! Seriously, it’s like they’re crawling around on the floor one day, and the next day they’re asking to borrow the car. When NS Builders was still in the toddler stage—handling smaller projects and beginning to define our brand—we had a much simpler, singular approach to management. There was someone in charge—perhaps a lead carpenter—who basically ran the job. And often, that was me. I handled it all—communication, securing materials, accounting, and more. 

But, as the company grew and transitioned into the teen years, we expanded in size and scope of projects. And we realized we still had some maturing to do. Our clients let us know that we needed to improve our communication and listening skills. And I took that feedback to heart.  

I realized we needed to address these issues. My goal has always been—and will be—to build upon the excellent foundation we’ve laid and to elevate our reputation. So that meant drastically improving our communication with the homeowner—actively conveying to them that their project was just as important to us as it was to them.   


A significant change in our management structure was needed—one that would amplify our communication and availability with our clients. And allow us to always be on site, busy in production mode, making sure things are getting done on time. We incorporated a management structure similar to commercial construction projects—having a job superintendent and a project manager. Here’s how that translates for NS Builders. 


The job superintendent is there to ensure quality control—making sure we are moving forward, executing high-caliber work, obsessed with every detail, and looking ahead to what needs to happen the next day, the next week. They coordinate with the subs and make sure materials are ordered and ready when needed. The job superintendent is on site every day. And I like to get them involved in preconstruction meetings as well. When a superintendent or a project manager is involved in the early stages of project development, it allows them to get a deeper understanding of the overall scope of the job. We find this extra info lends to future success. Although full-time supervision by a dedicated project superintendent is an added expense, it’s well worth it.  


Our project managers will typically oversee two projects at a time. They handle all communication and document control and monitor the daily logs updated by the superintendent. They bring the client up to speed in a weekly meeting, record the meeting minutes, and disperse those notes to the rest of the team. They communicate any items on the to-do list or action items needing attention. And they make sure the budget is updated—all bills, POs, and invoices that come in are submitted to the accounting team. Ensuring the job is accurate from a financial standpoint every week is wildly important. 

A vital aspect of an NS Builders project manager is to maintain the schedule. The PM will work closely with the superintendent and typically my director of operations to maintain the accuracy of the schedule and communicate any changes. 


Project administration is happening behind the scenes and is vital to keep the business running—handling the filing, invoicing, preparing the accounts receivable for the client, and all the administrative tasks associated with each project. 


The change in our management style and structure is a direct response to what our clients asked for and based on when we have been most successful. And it’s really important for us that we stick to what works.     

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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