April 6, 2023

Mitered Glass Corner Window and Cumaru Decking 

In this episode of Site Visit with NS Builders, I’ll show you the newly installed corner window unit at our Rhode Island passive home. And these windows are more than just beautiful—they’re also high performing, designed to keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


The superb reflective nature of these triple-pane pieces of glass is impressive—showcasing the reflection of the water as you walk around the deck versus looking through the windows to the interior. It’s a really cool and subtle effect—one that Julia and I did not anticipate but are thrilled to discover. 

The installation is now complete of this corner window unit—two huge fixed panels that are butt joint glazed in the corner with mitered glass for a super tight joint. (A piece of metal will be applied for additional protection for the corner.) And the result? From inside the house, you’ll have an uninterrupted view of the river.   

Next to the fixed panel windows are the two huge doors that slide into the pocketed wall, opening the kitchen and living room space up to the deck. Perfect for entertaining on a gorgeous summer night!   


Julia and her brother installed the deck. And not only did she do a phenomenal job, but she chose a Brazilian hardwood—Cumaru—that provided significant cost savings. Cumaru (a.k.a. Brazilian Teak) is an exotic hardwood that naturally resists rot, decay, and pest invasion. It’s a really dense wood and allowed us to shrink down to a 7/8” material rather than 1” Ipe decking material. It has striking graining and color variations—no two pieces of Cumaru decking will look exactly the same. 

Just another detail that makes this home truly unique.  

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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