May 6, 2021

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

It’s punch list time! Scheduled to wrap up our project #152 in just a few days, I stopped by to check out the progress on this project. Here are some of the intentionally-crafted killer details I’m most proud of and another custom piece of furniture NS Builders is famous for.


This epic closet literally surrounds you in mirrors—there’s no place to hide! Mirrors on a myriad of closet doors, on door jams, on faux doors that hide the mechanical stuff (the radiant manifold, electrical control, return air, etc.). All hidden away by the magic of mirrors! And the huge circular light ring in the ceiling adds to the atmosphere of luxury.  

The details make the difference—right down to the magnets recessed in the top of the closet doors and ceiling—resulting in a completely flat effect. It’s all about function, style, and design with a purpose.    


This bed frame is truly a work of art! We worked with the architect who had drawn this bed for another project, and we decided to mimic it for this project. We were incorporating so many different types of wood in this bedroom/bathroom suite and knew the bed had to stand out. We used beechwood stained dark ebony—the result is striking.

We love to craft custom furniture and cabinetry for homeowners and work with the innovative designs of an architect. True, it may add time and money to a project, but it’s always money well-spent. Custom elements are an investment in your home and provide the “Wow!” factor everyone is looking for.

If you can dream it, we can build it! Contact us today to find out how to get started on your dream bathroom renovation.

—Nick Schiffer


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