July 29, 2021

Four Boston area Remodels

I’m going to share some highlights from each that demonstrate cool elements of design and innovative execution. Let’s jump right in!


While most people love Prince’s Purple Rain, few want to contend with black rain. Black rain??? The home office is located up in the loft. And the existing timber ceiling with tongue and groove boards certainly adds a unique element to the space. However, the neighbors told us about the “black rain” effect. When people are walking above the ceiling, black stuff would actually fall down. To alleviate that problem, we had the painters go through and caulk every one of those seams deep into the groove. And once the ceiling was painted, you couldn’t tell the boards had been caulked. Now the space is protected from any debris falling down.

Looking up, you’ll see another great example of what NS Builders calls “intentionally crafted” design. The huge exposed trusses are even more impressive with fresh paint. And because there is a lot of exposed conduit running throughout the space, we needed to be meticulous about laying it out. We ensured that the junction points would bring the conduit up tight against the beams and run down each shaft very intentionally. This was very important to the client, and we made sure we nailed it.


Next up—we visit our Beacon Hill project. It’s a tight site to work in—about 700 sq ft—but what it lacks in space it makes up for in style! The custom cabinets were installed, and I’m really proud of the creative way we handled the above-counter pantry. The freezer and refrigerator are below the counter; sitting above is a large pantry cupboard. Opening both doors would block the limited space. Solution? The door was designed to swing left toward the wall. The second door is attached to the first on concealed hinges and will actually fold against itself. This tiny detail in design provides a huge payoff—you’ll never have to walk around the pantry door to reach inside.


We check in at our flagship Back Bay project—an immense amount of work for well over a year. So much detail every step of the way has truly transformed this space! The staging tower has been removed, revealing an incredible amount of natural light pouring in from the walkable skylight.  

In the previous Site Visit, I showed you some cabinets we are building in the shop. Well, this is the project they are going to live in eventually. We had to design around the mansard roof and the wall openings for these custom cabinets to slide into. Extra storage is always a plus for the homeowner, and once the walls are plastered and painted, the doors to the cabinets will virtually disappear.  


This project is a third-floor primary suite renovation that will boast a beautiful view of Dorchester Bay. This job has required that we restructure many things due to the mansard roof and the need to insulate around the dormers. The fireplace has been framed in; we will lime plaster it and then add a bookcase to the side. And above the fireplace the reveal has been framed—any heat from the fireplace will go up and out the reveal detail. The giant closet has been framed in and will be transformed with a ton of custom millwork.

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally craft for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen.

—Nick Schiffer


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