April 14, 2022

Big Changes Coming to NS Builders in 2022

In this episode of NS Podcast, I share two significant changes coming to NS Builders in 2022. I’ve been dropping hints along the way, and now is the perfect time to reveal what’s in store for NS Builders during the upcoming year and beyond.


On January 1, 2022, a new company was launched—Materia Millwork—and thus the start of a new partnership between Ken DeCost and myself. Why start a separate millwork company? Here’s how it all unfolded.  

Ken and I had talked over the years about his desire to expand and have ownership in the cabinet shop—the millwork side of NS Builders—or maybe even another cabinet shop. And so the seeds were planted for a new partnership—and a new company separate from NS Builders. 

NS Builders started as a small carpentry and remodeling company. We’ve shifted our focus to new home construction—very architecturally-driven, forever homes for families. It involves working with a team of architects, designers, homeowners, and our crew. This shift affected the millwork shop. There would be extremely busy periods of time and then a lull in the action. And as NS Builders continued to build homes that were more complex, we took on fewer in number. The millwork demand lessened; it might not be enough to support the shop. 

Ken and I envisioned growing the shop, expanding the team, and even offering furniture. But this kind of growth would be too much for one building company to support. Thus, Materia Millwork came into existence.

We look forward to building strategic partnerships with builders and homeowners who seek us out to work on killer millwork projects and deliver the level of execution that NS Builders is known for. Materia Millwork will focus full-time on custom cabinetry and creative millwork.         


Doug Duvall is the guy behind the camera—my videographer and producer for this podcast, as well as The Modern Craftsman, Site Visit, and Revealed. He’s a genius at creative content strategy. He’s been with NS Builders for a few years now, but never lost sight of his goal of owning his own media company again. I have a good understanding of what makes a business successful. And together, we’ve had a lot of fun producing content to build brand awareness of NS Builders and grow our social media presence. 

The logical next step? Launch a brand new media company—Motif Media—to replicate our success. Motif Media will provide services to other contractors helping them create digital content, distribute it, and explore how to build their brand. My role in Motif will involve generating content, writing copy, and strategizing on how and when to place content. My partner in crime, Doug, will continue working his behind-the-scenes magic in all facets of producing engaging digital content.  

Here’s why a digital marketing plan is so important: Over 90% of NS Builders’ clients are coming to us through some form of social media. They watch videos, follow our work on IG, and get hooked on the podcasts. It’s ad spend that’s well spent.  

Although NS Builders isn’t slowing down the production of our own content, Motif Media allows us to specifically focus on helping other builders tell their stories, build brand, share content, expand their client base, and find the projects they really want to work on. 

Is it time to think about expanding your company’s digital marketing?

So, now you know the two big announcements that I’ve been dying to share. And for NS Builders, Materia Millwork, and Motif Media, 2022 is off to a great start!    

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally design and build for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen. 

—Nick Schiffer


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