June 17, 2021

Behind the Scenes at the NS Builders Shop

We are kicking off something new—taking you inside the NS Builders Shop for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour.


To say the shop is busy fabricating would be an understatement. We’re using every inch of space building high-end custom cabinetry for multiple projects. Some of the many benefits of prefabricating in the shop environment versus on-site are that we can build right here—mitering pieces together, applying tape for tension, clamps in the corners to keep everything at 90 degrees, painting—essentially finishing the pieces. And we’ve recently begun to have the appliances delivered to our shop to ensure that the cabinetry will fit perfectly. This allows us to make any needed alterations before moving everything into place on-site.


One thing we strive to do is to really listen to our clients—finding out what matters to them most in terms of style, function, and design. We understand how even a small detail can make a world of difference. And that means we have to get creative in finding solutions and options for our discerning homeowners.

Here’s a great example: We’ve prepared a few samples in the shop for the homeowner to choose from for the interior of the cabinets. We were prepared to use a white oak, but the homeowner felt that the variation in color wasn’t going to work. It was super important to him to have extremely light interiors. So, rather than using something standard, off-the-shelf, we came up with another option: our quartersawn maple. It’s lighter than the oak and has that nice straight graining versus radial cut on more traditional plywood.

Although we’ve been using a very handsome walnut on many of our projects, our first choice may not be the right choice for a client. And our job is to find a way to make the client happy. Presenting options is a way to do so.  

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally craft for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen.

—Nick Schiffer


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