May 27, 2021

A Stellar Entryway in Beacon Hill

I take you back to Beacon Hill to show you what intentionally crafted design looks like. Although the space was small and had some weird angles to adapt to, we pulled off a killer design concept that is sure to impress the minute you open the front door.


This complex design concept demanded a lot of time thinking it through from start to finish in order to make it all work. We didn’t have the luxury of working with a typical opening—the opposing walls were both weirdly angled and not identical. So, we had to get creative with how the arch would land on each wall. And the finished result is going to be stellar! From the entry area, it will draw your eyes into the open space of the apartment. And when you are looking back at the archway, it stands on its own as a thoughtfully designed focal point. Custom design details like these are what NS Builders is known for.    


The entry area is quite small. But then we realized we could reclaim some space in the ceiling. This was an opportunity to intentionally craft something special. Instead of working within the parameters of traditional Brownstone “square” rooms, we decided to remove the hard angles and use a 14-inch radius cove ceiling framing kit from Archways & Ceilings. This design allows a small space to feel much larger. And once the ceiling light fixture is installed, the light will shine up and across the ceiling following the contours, resulting in a bright and spacious entryway to welcome you home.

It’s time to discover what NS Builders can intentionally craft for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen.

—Nick Schiffer


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